Living at Kenect
By AJ Smith

When we moved down to Nashville from New York in the middle of a pandemic, there were a lot of changes we were nervous about. We had to buy a car to fit a city built more for driving than walking like we were used to. And we were moving from a beautiful building in Long Island City with a view of the Manhattan skyline, surrounded by amazing late night food options and close to grocery stores. All of this is to say, we had a pretty high bar set for our next home.

We found our perfect spot at Kenect Nashville. With smartly designed apartments that feature floor-to-ceiling windows, we got our view, our comfort, midtown walkability, and tons of other amenities that have made living at Kenect an incredible way to start our journey in Nashville.

So if you’re thinking of living at Kenect, let me break down some of the best parts of living here:

Photography by Gabrielle Curran

When we moved in, we had the option of west or east facing windows. East, we’d have a beautiful view of downtown, but we chose the westward view where we get the most incredible sunsets. It gives us the opportunity to have a lazy morning and cook dinner with an incredible backdrop of the Vanderbilt clock tower in the distance. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

A big selling point for us when looking at Kenect were the amenities. The gym is amazingly designed and has everything you could want. From free weights (squat rack, dumbbells, etc) to treadmills and rowing machines, plus these super cool Aktiv personal training stations, you’ll never run out of ways to get active. My personal favorite is the boxing bags they have available in the fitness studio. I love putting a HIIT boxing video on in my headphones and getting my sweat on.

After my morning workout, I like to head to the Kenect coworking space where I grab another coffee from their fancy coffee making machine and grab a desk to get some work done outside of the apartment. It’s a beautifully designed space with two floors of offices, open booths, desks, and more to make for a productive day knocking out some work. I’ll also reserve the KEE studio to shoot some videos and see people videotaping podcasts in there all the time.

If the weather’s nice out, I’ll bring my laptop outside to the 7th floor deck, with plenty of seating and greenery to spread out and be in a midtown oasis. They’ve just opened the pool there too so once it heats up a bit, that’ll make for a great weekend hang

Every morning I walk my dog down music row. We’ll stop off at The Virgin Hotel for a cup of coffee at the Funny Library coffee shop and stroll past historic studios, label & publisher offices. Music City’s culture is rooted in midtown, down to the post-writing session bars right across the street from Kenect (Red Door, Winners, Losers, etc). There are tons of great restaurants a short walk or ride away. And late night pizza! That was something we were worried about moving down from NYC, but Two Boots is literally only a 5 min walk away, plus DeSano Pizza Bakery, Mellow Mushroom, and more.

Walk towards the Vanderbilt campus and you’ll find all those great quick eat chains: Chipotle, Panera, Starbucks, and more. And other amazing Nashville joints like Hattie B’s are right around the corner.

And if a nearby grocery store is important to you, Whole Foods is a two minute drive away, plus Kroger is only a few minutes down the road in the other direction. The great thing about Nashville, too, is that it literally only takes 15-20 minutes to get anywhere. I used to sit on the subway for 45 minutes to go to a different borough in New York, so a quick 15 minute drive to the Nations or East Nashville to hit up some axe throwing or trendy food spots feels like nothing. That’s the great part about being in Midtown too - we’re a quick walk to the Gulch (check out brunch spots like Biscuit Love, Milk & Honey, and more or coffee joints like Barista Parlor) and we’re so close to the highway that we can get anywhere we need to go without any stress.

If you love being able to walk to a coffee shop in the morning, bars at night, and want to have access to a full gym and coworking space an elevator ride away, then Kenect is for you.
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