Throughout this past year, I’ve learned a lot. Moving at the beginning of a pandemic that we didn’t see coming was bad timing. I had recently experienced of one of the highest highs and proudest moments of my life, working on The Voice with John Legend, singing for Ella Mai, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Blake Shelton, booking several shows and opportunities not only in Nashville but Los Angeles and San Francisco. I moved to Nashville with plenty of work laid out in front of me and high expectations for myself.
Two weeks later, everything was crashing around me. My shows were getting cancelled, tickets refunded, flights and traveling coming to a stop. I was left alone in a giant new city for me without jobs, without friends or family, and terrified that I had made the wrong decision. It wasn’t necessarily a hasty decision. I was ready to take off and put in the work for my music career but the “universe” had other plans.
Kenect called me. It was too good to be true; move into the most beautiful space I’d ever seen and be a live-in influencer for Kenect Nashville. I took this as a sign from said “universe” to stay in Nashville and find confidence in my decision to move here.
I was immediately inspired to create content for Kenect. Good content. I truly didn’t have that much experience with Social Media but I put in work: Windowsill Wednesdays, daily Oatmeal recipes on my stories, filming and editing, jump cut style mini vlogs. It taught me so much about my own creativity and my limits as a creator, not just as a musician. It gave me opportunities to make GREAT music, learn songs and push my abilities in production and singing/playing, and presenting something that I would be proud of and that Kenect could offer to their residents. They booked me to play live shows (when it was safe to do so) for their residents. They made sure I was being utilized and it was a distraction from being by myself in this new city. Kenect took me in and then pushed me to use my gifts, show Nashville why I moved here in the first place, and that no matter what, if you “kenect” with the talent around you, everything can still be within reach.