Attend 10 or more HITT, Sculpt or Strength classes between May 15 - August 17 for a chance to win our Summer Fitness Giveaway.

This year's big prize is....

Grab your bestie or your beau and experience Nashville like you haven't before! View + explore Downtown Nashville from the sky with a private, guided helicopter tour. Then... get ready to eat, baby! This giveaway also includes a Nashville Food Tour where you'll eat your way through some of Nashville's best bites. 

How to play: 
- Starting May 15, your favorite Kenect Fitness Instructor will be handing out Summer Giveaway Punch Cards. Grab one!  

- At the end of class, your instructor will punch or stamp your card. 

- Attend 10 classes to fill up your punch card. 

- Once you hit 10 classes, give the punch card to your Kenect Fitness Instructor. 

- Winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday, August 23. 

Rules + Conditions: 
One entry per person 
Must be an active Kenect member to participate 
Only applies to HIIT, Sculpt, and Strength classes 
Winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. The winner will be notified via email. 


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