When I’m at Kenect it just makes things easier. My commute, working, socializing, everything is truly within reach.
I love my studio apartment because it’s easy to clean. It looks nice and the layout is perfect for someone who’s always on the go.

My view each morning looking out at Nashville is priceless and I love how peaceful the city lights bring me before I go to sleep every night.  I love that I can go downstairs to work on my business and host work meetings in the co working space or even do my podcast in the KEE Studio.

A perfect day for me is waking up making breakfast and enjoying my morning journaling or listening to a podcast.  From there I go train clients or if I am doing admin work I’ll sit at my desk and get all my stuff done for the week. It’s so refreshing to have my own space. I also have never ordered more things online then I have at Kenect and the white glove delivery service is probably my favorite amenity. It’s so convenient and saves me time. I also love the Kenect member perks. Those have been super fun to host or receive. I’ve received very nice gifts from portable chargers to wireless ear buds, a small speaker and more!

If I need a break from working I love the fitness studio and go to it for some total body and weight work. And getting to look out at the pool while working out is fun too. It’s such a cool vibe. I’m excited to finally get to try out the pool this summer and I’m planning on grilling out at some point too. Both will help me step out of my comfort zone. I truly don’t take enough time to relax and I would love to just sit by the pool and hang out. I never got to do that when I used to be bigger and insecure. I never had fun outside or did anything that had to do with bathing suites and I wish I would have.

My best memory so far was definitely doing MoveFit in the lobby! MoveFit is my strong sexy athletic dance format I do all over Tennessee. It was so much fun. I had my whole Dani D. Fitness set up and lights and It felt like a party! I got to do it twice in the lobby and loved every minute of it.
I hope that there will be more fitness events this summer. It’s the best time to capitalize on movement and feeling your best when the sun is shining and weather is nice. I cannot wait to see what kind of events Kenect puts on or host for us. They’ve done such a great job so far.
I loved the fall festival event too it really was relaxing and chill and the hot apple cider put everyone in the spirit.

As an influencer I feel like I have an insight like no one else does. I love the marketing of the building and feel like Kenect does a great job of that. The whole process of watching the building grow over the past year has been incredible and I will never forget being one of the first people to move in here!

I can’t wait to see what else they come up with and don’t think there’s any other hi rise in Nashville as nice!

Dani is a Kenect Influencer living and working at Kenect Nashville and owner of Dani D Fitness. 

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